To alkalize your water or not ?

I’ve never had a problem with drinking water. Over the years, I had grown a distaste for tap water . I’ve spent countless dollars on a Brita system and bottled water. About two years ago, I ran across an article about the pH levels in the water that we consume, I was floored ! Some of my favorite and well known brands contained the lowest pH levels. I knew that I wanted to make a change. I began to research alkaline water and was truly intrigued. I decided to take on Alkaline Go 30 day water challenge!

Alkaline Go is the first alkaline generating sphere. To alkaline means having the properties of an alkali or containing alkali. The pH level is based on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being the least acidic. For many reasons, you want the pH level to be higher, you’re less likely to be prone to illnesses. The pH level for alkaline water is 8 or higher and neutralizes the acid levels of the body. The alkaline spheres contain rich minerals such as, calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium and so on.

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The best part of this challenge was completing a gallon a day. Water makes up 70% of our body and is crucial for healthy functionality. Alkaline Go made this challenge extremely easy for someone on the go like me! My schedule is never consistent, I love taking my bottle of Alkaline Go to the gym then work, I’ve even taken my bottle with me to dinner. To get my morning going, I simply drop the alkaline sphere in a water bottle, give it a swirl for about 15 seconds. The water is alkalized within 20 minutes. The Alkaline Go package comes with two alkaline spheres and a drying cloth for in between usage. This is perfect, no need to carry around multiple bottles of water to maintain your alkaline water intake! These spheres produce a 6 month supply of alkaline water for just the price of 39.99 .

Alkaline water has many great benefits for your overall health. If you’re like me, I’m super into my skin care regimen. Clear skin doesn’t start with the best serums, it’s all in what you put in your body. Keep reading below for a list of benefits.

- Anti-aging properties

- Immunity boost

- Weight loss ( with proper diet)

- Quicker hydration

- Detoxify of body

I’m currently on day 9 of the Alkaline Go water challenge. Things that I’ve noticed so far is my increase of energy , also the taste of alkaline water is significantly different ! I think about how much money I will have saved for month from not buying bottled water. Click here for more information on Alkaline Go . I would love for you guys to join the challenge with me ! Who’s making the switch to alkaline water ?

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