I came, I saw, I conquered !

If you’re not familiar, HELLOFRESH happens to be one of the most popular meal kits around. I would constantly see ads for HELLOFRESH prior to trying it out. I’ll admit, I was curious. I don’t dislike cooking but sometimes I find myself opting to eat out during the summer instead of preparing dinner. I’ve tried Blue Apron before and I wasn’t impressed. I decided to give HELLOFRESH a try for two weeks. This is in no way a sponsored post !

HELLOFRESH offers two different delivery options, omnivore and vegetarian meal plans. Upon further research the subscription was pretty flexible and they offered chef inspired recipes. The average price is about $10 per meal for two people. This plan was perfect for me, more than enough leftovers for the next day!

I received my first box and was thrilled to start cooking. The box contained 3 meals for the week. There was a recipe card with the listed ingredients and nutritional facts. The meals were protected in an insulated box filled with ice packs. To my surprise, all the ingredients were farm fresh and listed the exact source. The seafood/meat were vacuum sealed , the packages were color coded as well.


Recipe card | Nutritional facts on the back side

Some of my favorites meals were the One Pan Orzo Italiano, Herb Chicken Cutlets, and the Game Day Fajita Bar. Everything was extremely detailed and easy to cook. The only thing I used from my pantry was oil and salt. That was definitely a PRO for this delivery service. For one of the meals I switched out the pork tenderloin for ground turkey. I didn’t mind because I was making the meal work for my preference.


I thoroughly enjoyed my HELLOFRESH meals. All the meals were filling and well worth the subscription. It created ease, no need to do any grocery shopping and meal planning for awhile. If you’re using this for yourself or a two person home, I would definitely recommend this service. The family option could become pretty expensive and the portions may not be enough. I decided to cancel my subscription after two weeks, my schedule became too hectic and I didn’t want to keep a service that I was halfway using. I do plan to give this service another try. The fresh ingredients and convience will definitely make me revisit HELLOFRESH again! Have you tried any meal delivery kits before ? Comment below and tell me about your experience!