Costumes + Cocktails
Cocktails&costumes event.jpg

Every Halloween I find there’s two type of people, one who goes all out and has their costume planned since last November or the last minute costume scrambler. I, Julia would be the last minute scrambler. There’s been many failed plans of group costumes and late night Pinterest scrolling. This time around I decided to do things differently. I tapped into my creative side and came up with Queen of Hearts !

I challenged myself to a budget of $30 for my entire costume. After raiding my closet, I found that 80% of my costume was already complete! All I needed was three other key items. The hardest task was making my deck of cards collar. It took me about 2 hours to complete the deck of card collar. In the end , my entire costume totaled $18 !! This Queen of Hearts was ready to go!

Halloween night was full of fun for this Queen ! I hosted Costumes and Cocktails at Minerva Avenue. If you haven’t been to Minerva yet make sure to check it out! Craft cocktails, 90s vibes, and the best popcorn.. what more could you ask for ?! I took over their Instagram stories, so whether you were watching at home or live in action you knew Minvera was the place to be ! I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and creative costumes. This jewel had three specialty Halloween craft cocktails for the night. My favorite was definitely The Beetlejuice and my go to drink The Minerva Mule. The perfect soundtrack for the night was provided by DJ Crop Top Tot who was dressed as the fabulous Rihanna! Click on the pictures below to see more fun from Costumes and Cocktails! Until next time….

Drops of Jules