ICYMI- Nashville Cocktail Fest Recap

Hey guys !

Nashville Cocktail Fest took place April 23rd - 28th ! If you’re not familiar , this is for cocktail lovers and spectators ! I was able to enjoy a couple of the events throughout the week . This fest is like no other, it’s a week full of curated events and learning sessions. Keep reading to see what jewels NCF has to offer !


Kicking off the week is the opening party, which was hosted at Geist. Everything took place in their gorgeous champagne garden! NCF guest spent the evening tasting different tequilas and armagnac from the Altamar group. As we sipped away, we all received a great history lesson on all the brands. The standout for me was the Foursquare Rum ! Whew, it had a bite and very high proof ; I can easily see why its been dubbed the ‘ Pappy of Rum “ . There was two cocktails for gusts to drink throughout the night, I loved the Paloma !

On to the Disco, it took place at Vandyke Bed & Beverage! The disco lights were going and Vandyke had a playlist to match . The cocktail list was creative and innovative, the bartenders curated a unique menu featuring Grey Goose. I was taken by surprise by how much I loved the Golden Delicious which had apple infused Grey Goose.


Another Disco feature:

Blue Hawaiian

Friday night was my favorite night of the Nashville Cocktail fest week ! Art Deco blew me away , there was over 50 stations featuring different liquor brands. I was whisked away with a live jazz band and a night full of curated cocktails and tastings. There were so many libations to try. Some standouts for me were, Stay Golden’s take on the Negroni, Uncle Nearest cocktail Rumble Seat , and the Bacardi table. The best of the best was there, you had to strategically map out the night. Jack Daniels was another featured station that I loved. They had a “make your own cocktail” set up, guests got to choose from three different cocktails to make !


My last event for NCF was David Wondrich’s Punch Out! The NCF guests were able to enjoy a communal take on each bartenders punch bowl. It was a CLOSE call for me. All of the punch bowls were unique and number one in my eyes! Two standout punches for me were the Rum and Cognac and the Gin Punch from Lyon’s Libations. They are a mobile bartending/cocktail curator company. The famed David Wondrich along with two other judges chose the top 3 winners. I thoroughly enjoyed this event! I loved everyones take on a “punch” and loved watching the bartenders in action !


I hope you guys have enjoyed my recap of Nashville Cocktail Fest! I had a BLAST, if you want to see more check out my instagram story highlights ! There’s more glimpses of fun so check it out . I know that I will be in attendance next year, will you ? Let me know down below if you’ve attended past events or are planning to next year !