A night with Guidance Experience
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I received a one of kind invite to the first of many hosted by NXT LVL Xperience and Guidance Whiskey. It’s a guaranteed good time when these two brands collab! Whiskey enthusiasts please add this small batch whiskey to your collection! Oh, if you haven’t been to a NXT LVL event, do so ASAP! This group has the dopest concepts and good vibes. There’s been brunches, silent day parties and more. NXT LVL is quickly becoming a go to source for social events in Nashville.

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This particular night was special, a charity dinner took place was to raise money for Gideon’s Army. Beforehand I had little knowledge about Gideon’s Army and their role in the community. Their mission is to eliminate incarceration for youth in the 37208 area, which has the highest incarceration rate in the US. I commend the members of Gideon’s Army for going into schools and creating programs where kids are normally being neglected. The members of Gideon’s Army are passionate about our youth and their future. I’m behind this movement 100 percent.

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There was a full spread prepared by Chef True, which featured dishes inspired by the flavors of Guidance Whiskey. I loved how flavorful every dish was, the majority of the menu was VEGAN! We started off with Vegan queso and spinach artichoke dip. My guilty pleasure is cheese, I was blown away by this cashew based dip! On to the main entree, achiote chicken which was accompanied by a white sauce that was reminiscent of Alabama sauce. The flavor was so delicious, I drizzled the sauce on my roasted red pepper mash as well! Another stand out dish from the menu was the drunken mushrooms ; the aroma and taste of Guidance Whiskey stood out. For dessert Guidance infused truffles and caramel bites were served. I absolutely loved the dark chocolate and Guidance mash up. We washed this amazing dinner down with Blackberry Mango Tea which I’ll be contacting Chef True down for the recipe !

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I want to thank the members of Gideon’s Army and NXT LVL for a wonderful night of laughter, delicious food and more insight to our community. For more information about Gideon’s Army and how to get involved whether it’s by volunteering or donation click HERE. The Guidance Xperience is invite only and will feature different concepts monthly. Stay tuned to Guidance World social handles, you may just receive an invite ! #EMBRACEGUIDANCE

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